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A yahoo message board troll. It seeks out any message board discussing marijuana, alcohol or carbohydrate intake. Believes science is faith-based.
From a recent cindybin posting:
"Really, alcohol is not good for you at all. Not even in moderation. I know there are studies which say this, but don't believe them. It is a toxic chemical that affects every hormone in your body, and poisons cells."
by The Voice Of Reason February 14, 2005
To be under the influence of XTC.
I'm rollin' my ass off! This is GREAT!
by the voice of reason April 25, 2003
Member of Mensa. Mensa is the high IQ society and membership requires an IQ in the top 2% of the population.

It by no means surprises me that nobody on this site knows what Mensa is!

by the voice of reason April 24, 2003
Anyone who uses slang on a regular basis to cover up the fact that they are really just uneducated trash!

Also, anyone who thinks that talking in slang makes them cool, while totally ignoring the fact that they are futureless drains on society!

Question: How does one know if they are a slang whore?
Answer: If you use more slang words than you can name states.... your a slang whore! (now get back in line for your governmnet cheese!)
If you stopped acting like a slang whore you might attract girls/guys who not only respect themselves, but will respect you too! (think about it!)
by the voice of reason April 24, 2003
I can't remember the name of that thug I gave it up too and now I have a childless father.

Also, I have little respect for myself and even less for the poor little child I irresponsible brought into this world and doomed to poverty.
Yo I don't know who's my baby daddy!
by the voice of reason April 25, 2003
Idiotic administrator or public official whose only purpose seems to be creating and upholding useless and arcane beaurocracy. They have no skills other than wasting time and money.
How will the idiocrats in Washington blow my tax dollars this year?
by The Voice of Reason July 01, 2005
Yo realist good word! (and yes I know its a real word...now... thanks for the knowledge it's somewhat scarce around these parts!)
If I had a neologism I would be a neologist...no?
by the voice of reason April 30, 2003

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