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one of the last parts of the gangsta uniform that hasnt been destroyed by mainstream rappers, wiggers, or chongas, like white t's. they are worn by all gangstas. from ese's, bloods, crips, to the aryan brotherhood. they are usually black and plastic, (but the white boys have colored lenses sometimes), and the top is straight, and they're kind of square.

made popular by real gangsta rappers, like eazy e, bg knocc out, brotha lynch, and bone thugs. you would have never caught them in pink sunglasses lookin like a homo (cough cough TI).

unless you live on the west coast, or cities like phoenix, where their sold in korean stores, they're kind of hard to find. you might have to order them.

look at those bitches with aviators on, clamin crip. lets go ride on those false flaggin niggas.

those were not locs lil wayne had on, he needs to shut the fuck up.
by the sawed off gangsta October 29, 2006
without a doubt the greatest rap group in history. a true tragedy. graveyard shift were friends and family of bone thugs n harmony (the second greatest). the group was signed to ruthless, but lil boo (krayzie's cousin) was the first to die. mentioned in crossroads. the remaining members, tombstone, gates, and sin. tombstone was killed later. "still waters" was supposed to be there first cd. however bone thugs (krayzie, layzie, and wish) being the complete fuck-ups that they are, never made it happen. instead they took their lyrics and made an internet only cd.

their music had a really gothic sound to it. sins voice is really scary, and they use metaphors alot, and really creepy beats.

gates quit rapping after tombstone died, and sin left mo thugs, and signed with another ex-mo thug artist, but still hasnt released anything.

in my opinion, bone thugs, are sellouts. they've gone commercial, and the realest members bizzy and flesh arent with them now. layzie is a bitch, and krayzie and wish are his little yes men. and they've managed to fuck up every good thing thats com their way. and now to their true fans, their career is over.
wow, the graveyard shift completely outshined krayzie, on "silence", his own song.
by the sawed off gangsta October 30, 2006
definately irony. a wigger who made a racist song. his black girlfriend left him for a black guy during his younger vanilla ice stage, and he couldnt fight the guy, so being the studio gangster he is, he just made a song about black people. eminem sucks. he gets fucked in the ass by dr. dre, who's a crossdresser see eazy e's 187'um album booklet. dr. dre is also the definition of a studiogangster, the term was made especially for him by the realest label in history, ruthless. consisting of eazy e, gangsta dresta, bg knocc out (who's in prison for a shooting) and the greatest group ever, bone thugs n harmony. eminem was beat up by another white rapper named cage outside of a new york radio station. and it was recorded and put on the news (how embarassing). he was arrested for a publicity stunt where he pulled an unloaded gun on somebody, and his hands were shaking so bad he dropped it. his fuck buddy proof was recently shot for trying to be hard too.
eminem is as much of a clown as dr. dre.

only rich white kids take eminem seriously.

eminem and the rest of aftermath is nothing but studio/mtv/fairytell gangsters.

eminem used to cut his hair like vanilla ice.

if you want real music check out bone thugs n harmony, they're true to what they rap about, and sold over 30 million through talent, and not playing on their race.

"niggas straight kill me, knowin that they prankstaz/ this is goin out to ya studio gangsters"-gangsta dresta
by the sawed off gangsta May 29, 2006

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