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"its been proven to increase your risk of psychotic illnesses and depression, and organisations like the armed forces will not take anyone who has ever done LSD in their lives."

nobody listen to this fucktard. it's been proven to increase ANY feeling. euphoria, depression, etc.

and the armed forces don't reject lsd users, it's the other goddamned way around. it's pretty funny how consistently the media will spin the truth 180 degrees. the army tested it on soldiers and the very first thing they wanted to do was get the hell out of the armed forces. so if you take lsd, don't worry about joining the army, because you won't want to anyway.
dock ellis pitched a no hitter on lsd.
francis crick discovered the double helix on lsd.
eminem thought of the slim shady alias on lsd.
the lsd fueled 60's was musically, the best decade.

"Kyle: Well… maybe I'll take just half a hit of acid."
"Ike: I want three. ..."
by the real god September 04, 2007

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