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3 definitions by the ninja buddha

the stiffening of joints after death, or a stoners last respects to a dead bong-buddy, in other words lighting up to honor the dead
The body was stuck in a doggy-style position due to rigor mortis.

After the death of Jimmy, Ted decided to honor him through rigor mortis.
by the ninja buddha April 29, 2007
7 7
awesome skills in any area, from video games to pimping to faking sick.
dude: how the hell have you faked sick 13 times this month without getting caught?
other dude: cause i got mad faking skillogies and i needed to work on my bf2 skillogies...
dude: yea but my pimping skillogies are way more useful!
by the ninja buddha January 19, 2007
0 4
n1. the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on hiroshima. to truly convey the extent of how much the bomb was gonna destroy and otherwise fuck up it was named the gay so they would know that they got boned in the ass.

n2. a stupid nickname for one who drops devastating jokes whenever possible.
the enola gay is one fucked up name.
by the ninja buddha March 27, 2007
8 32