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1) adj. excessively, disgustingly skinny and malnourished, to the point of looking like a skeleton.

2) n. one who suffers from an eating disorder and becomes revoltingly skinny.
Jenny was looking pretty skallow by the time she checked herself in for anorexia.
by the moody booze July 11, 2008
Acronym for Multiple Female Shower Scene. Often found in teenage sex comedies and softcore porn. Examples in Porky's, Private School for Girls, and just about any "women in prison" film.
That was the hottest MFSS I've ever seen.
by the moody booze October 12, 2007
A children's Bible. These are books containing simplified, plain-english bible stories with lots of pictures and very little of the smiting and nastiness contained in the actual Bible.
Aw lookit, there's lil Darcy readin' from his bibbel and prayin' to Jesus.
by the moody booze July 11, 2008
to attack with surprise, cuteness, and poor grammar. Like assault, can be used in both noun and verb forms.
LOL u cans not turn back mah zalt
by the moody booze July 11, 2008
to attempt to repair relationship damage and calm an angry girlfriend or spouse with flowers. Idiotic and cliche yet mysteriously effective.
After Trissa found another pair of panties under Mike's bed, he sent her a dozen roses to plantacate her.
by the moody booze July 11, 2008
1) to covertly masturbate in school.

2) a class which teaches you nothing and serves no scholastic goal.
this human sexuality course is pure classturbation, in more ways than one.
by the moody booze July 11, 2008
sexual fetish in which one spies on people through those distorted-perspective peepholes build into the front door of a house or apartment.
Mark's foyeurism is really annoying; last night I caught him watching the girl across the hall take in her groceries.
by the moody booze July 11, 2008

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