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Slang in Spanish for vagina. Used by a variety of Spanish speaking countries and ethnicities.
See cha cha
1. My verga wants to get into her cho cha.
2. My mother-in-law called the dog a cho cha, because he ran away from the cat.
by the jesus February 23, 2004
1. The amount of "suck" held in a single fantasy basebal team.
Tom's team is total crapitude!
by The Jesus April 01, 2004
what my friend joey does to pleasure himself... involves a pillow and a friend that can keep a secret
chip... don't tell anyone about our dirty pillow fuck, ok?
by the jesus May 31, 2003
aka BCOF
a huge massive cock, resembling that of a black man's COCK.
don't fuckin' mess with me or I'll own you with the black cock of death!
by the jesus November 21, 2004

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