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A very good band that has great hits like "Alive and Kicking", "Explain Myself" and "Bullet with a Name".
Nonpoint has made great songs and people should listen to them at a concert
by Rotten Core515 August 24, 2006
n. A band currently signed to Roadrunner/Roadrunner Records through Bieler Bros., that has previously preformed several times at Ozzfest and is most famous for their rip rock tribute to hip-hop entitled "tribute", in which they cover songs such as Woo-Hah! by Busta Rhymes. Elias Soriano is the primary vocalist, and they have released such albums as Statement, Recoil, and most recently, To The Pain.
1. Did you get a chance to see Nonpoint at Ozzfest?
by Craig B. December 30, 2005
A really really bad band. Non Point aka pointless
I went to a non point concert, everyone was wearing jenkos and wearing black eyeliner.
by Speakerpimp August 18, 2006
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