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a gurgamite is someone who can only smacktalk over an electronic devive for example cell phone, facebook, myspace, cod mw2 etc.
i was on facebook lastnight and this gurgamite had the balls to dis me on my profile page.
a faggle fan is one who only likes sportin events when there blow outs or completley one sided for example when watching UFC fights there has to be a knockout for it to be a good fight.
I was at the baseball game last night and the guy next to me said the game sucked when it was 1-1 cause it wasnt 10-1, what a faggle fan!
its where you are being checked out by the opposite sex so hardcore that they must be undressing you with there eyes. also a new form of raping you with their eyes.
Dude, i totally got hawk eyed at work today!

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