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when a girl has sex with a man and rides his penis so hard that he refers to it to his friends as rape
haley is such a penis raper in bed!
by the funny guy and his friend August 29, 2009
A "quarter orgasm," so to speak. An orgasm which is not at full potential, but 1/4 potential. Also known as a minigasm or fourthgasm.
1. "Dude I was fingering her and kissing her neck, and she totally had a quartergasm!"

2. "We were going to get freaky, but her parents were home, so we made out and she had a quartergasm."
by the funny guy and his friend June 17, 2009
when you get rid of one of your ho's, and the bitch follows you around like she's still yours. it's like you've got a bitch in your back pocket all the time. very annoying.
dude 1: dude that janelle ho has been followin me around for days, callin me and shit. its's bout to drive a nigga crazy!

dude 2: looks like you got a bitch in your pocket bra!

dude 1: damn man!! i got a bitch in my pocket! shit!
by the funny guy and his friend September 21, 2009
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