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67 definitions by the dude

phenomenon that occurs when masterbating without visual aids(i.e. porn, dirty photos, etc.) but to the thought of familiar girls. a mental run-through of various girls until deciding on a "closer" to get-er-done.
I had a good highlight reel last night but I couldn't commit on a closer.
by THe dude December 05, 2004
262 84
An amazing rap group. They're straight out of Flint, Michigan. Check 'em out.
"Shadow," "Ghetto," and "Blood Bath" are some of their dopest beats.
Dayton Family drops madd beats, motherfucker.
by The Dude June 17, 2004
69 10
1. A Greek man who thinks that he is ghetto, or Black.
The grigga wears lots of Fubu.
by The Dude April 09, 2005
83 29
The drummer for Alice in chains and in my and any other drummer with an ounce of knowledge: The best drummer that ever lived.
by The Dude October 23, 2004
64 12

One of the BEST flash games on the fucking net. Basically an old-school side-scroller with emo musicians beating the crap out of hated figures in pop culture. Ok, it's the EMO game...but it's actually a blast to play.
Where the hell did those 3 hours go? Damn you Emogame.....
by The Dude February 15, 2005
49 12
what you use as a last resort to hook up with someone because you're desperate.
Girl: but you don't even know my name!
Guy: Shhh, it's ok
by the dude February 07, 2005
29 3
Located in Freedom, NH, it's the best mother fucking camp on earth bitches!
i go to Camp Robin Hood and damn, it's off the hook!
by the dude April 24, 2005
49 25