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the russian spy organization that answers almost any question for a dollar.often resulting in a good laugh.
KGB the question"if i have sex with a preachers daughter will the holy water in her vagina eat off my penis?" the answer was"if anything it will purify and bless it."
by the chippster February 14, 2010
go to youtube and look up a popular video(if you like it or not). make a horrible comment making fun of it. pretty soon people will debate over the subject. and wallah, youtube wars.
on a lady gaga video say ses a lesbo that will do it in hell with Eva Braun. people will be very angry but some people will defend you. thats youtube wars
by the chippster August 27, 2009
hang a woman upside down and engage in anal sex, punch her in the stomach and fecal matter will spert up in a oil like manner.
i heard that robert gave chelsea an ohio oil driller so hard that she had to get new sheets
by the chippster May 13, 2009
doing it with a chick in the garden, then at the last moment, pulling out, sticking it in the ground and "fertilizing"
i gave our garden the fertilizer
by the chippster March 07, 2010

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