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Excited and frightened at the same time.
I'm bursting with exfrightment about my first trip to Hong Kong!
by The Sporadicals June 22, 2013
When we were still kids, before we got all the 'adult filters' ingrained on us, we used to be enlightened...and we just fell asleep and forgot as we got older...
We once were enlightened
It was so much easier beenlightened when I was younger and didn't have to worry about politics or the news.
by The Sporadicals April 23, 2009
When your phone's auto-correct makes a dirty, yet strangely appropriate change.
Dude, my phone just totally did a Telephreudian slip! I texted this girl, "I really like you.", but my phone auto-corrected it to, "I really lick you."
by The Sporadicals June 26, 2013
Two or more individuals lazily cuddling while leisurely lounging. Most cuddlingus situations imply a sexual tension.
Last night after closing I hung out with Carlisle's bartender, I thought we were just going to watch awesome movies... turns out she was looking for a bit of cuddlingus!
by The Sporadicals October 17, 2013
the act of attempting (unsucessfully) steal someone's thunder
The academy was attempting to present him with an award but the opening speaker kept LAZing about how they'd previously done all the things the award recipient was receiving the actual award for.
by The Sporadicals March 26, 2009

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