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11 definitions by the real mirroring cockhead

In this context, the cooch refers to the asshole. The aroma from the cooch can make a partner extremely animalistic towards their man or woman.

Cooch-aroma can be either strong or weak but in either case, it drives your partner wild so they demand very kinky sex.
#1 - Lick my asshole

#2 - Fuck yeh, cooch-aroma baby....
by the real mirroring cockhead March 17, 2009
One who trips balls on lsd

#1 - shit babe, im trippin' balls

#2 - yep, we're fuckin' balltrippers....
by the real mirroring cockhead March 18, 2009
Designed to be a 'safety' word, to pull out, when a couple are having a stupid fuckin' argument over essentially nothing at all.

In this context, a cooch refers to the asshole of either partner.
#1 - You're a dickhead, you're never sensitive towards my feelings!

#2 - Cooch-therapy baby....
by the real mirroring cockhead March 17, 2009
A word, concept or insight created by the real mirroring cockhead....
#1 - I swear you just made that word up you fucknut!

#2 - No shit; get a pen and write that shit down, you've just been enlightened by a philism....
by the real mirroring cockhead March 19, 2009
no fuckin' worries mate
#1 - can i have a toke on that joint brother?

#2 - no wukas....
by the real mirroring cockhead April 05, 2009
A rain-fuck developed from the concept of the 'rain dance'.

Rain dancing originates from the ancients as a cultural tool to invoke rain for their agricultural, ceremonial and spiritual needs.

Anybody can create their own rain dance for entertainment or 'other' purposes.

The rain-fuck has individually-relative meanings but as a foundation it entails conducting your rain dance whilst having sexual intercourse.

NOTE: the rain-fuck is not intended to be romantic or even attractive; its merely a sexual entertainment tool....
#1 - you're a bit chirpy today, did you get lucky last night?

#2 - yeh actually, i even brought out my rain dance and rain-fucked her
by the real mirroring cockhead March 17, 2009
1. One who confronts another with an undesirable truth.

2. A person who makes mirroring statements which have little compassion for temporary emotional trauma.

3. Statements of 'truth' said by a cockhead to another person, which are very direct and sometimes even very fucking blunt.
#1 - Stop using the guise that its glandular; the truth is you're fucking fat, you're making yourself and everyone around you sick, have a fucking crack at life you fat fuck

#2 - you're such a mirroring cockhead....
by the real mirroring cockhead March 19, 2009