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The religion of worshiping Dr. Phil. Usually this religion encourages people to express their feelings to anyone, even strangers.
Philism is my religion.
by Lulwut? October 24, 2007
A phrase that is believed to be clever or insightful by the person saying it, but in actuality it is pure gibberish.
Did you hear what he just said? That's the Philism for today!

"Maybe the word 'grateful' is an oxymoron for people like us"
by acadia_pinecone August 08, 2012
A word, concept or insight created by the real mirroring cockhead....
#1 - I swear you just made that word up you fucknut!

#2 - No shit; get a pen and write that shit down, you've just been enlightened by a philism....
by the real mirroring cockhead March 19, 2009
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