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12 definitions by the other theo

The act of placing your own penis in your mouth for sexual pleasure.
Ron Jeremy is known for being able to perform auto-fellatio.
by the other theo June 27, 2004
Slang for human semen.
I wiped up my gism with a paper towel.
by The other Theo February 09, 2004
1. A type of music that puts emphasis on beats 2 and 4.
2. A rhythmic quality in music where a beat either is slightly late or gives the illusion of being slightly late.
3. A personal trait of being late.
1. James Brown's music was groundbreaking in putting emphasis on the first beat; he called such music "the one."
2. Lay that snare drum down in a more relaxed manner, more backbeat.
3. Ricky is always late to rehearsal, he's so backbeat.
by the other theo February 08, 2005
1. The sound made when air exits the vagina forcibly enough to be audible.
2. A very brief sound of unknown origin emitted by a sound system, a cell phone, computer speakers, or some other source of artificial sound.
1. Her vagina let go a little queef after intercourse.
2. My cell phone just queefed--what were you saying?
by the other theo June 30, 2004
A person, usually a male, who is attracted to other people who are overweight. Similar to a chubby chaser.
Yeah, my brother is a chunky monkey, always chasing fat chicks.
by the other theo June 24, 2004