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To have KungfuManchu is to suffer from Crotch Rats.
Man Pookey over there got a bad case of KungFuManchu!
by the King June 19, 2003
what makes the Tanooki board diffrent from all the rest
Poop!=Tanooki board
by The King December 15, 2003
1.) someone who cannot get enough of the male genetalia

2.) An insult to a guy; an irrational or annoying man

3.) Daniel Olson
(1)ex.-She has all the STD's; she is a cockmonger
(2,3)ex- Shut up, cockmonger!
by the king July 28, 2003
A penis that is so large that it can spin around like a windmill
A: I heard that the kings windmill is 15"
B: Its true, Ive seen it
by The King October 19, 2004
A bitter, disgruntled, beligerent, 50 foot, hung like a mule, sales rep that puts gin in his coffee at work and hates to golf.
What the hell is your problem LUD?
by The King May 29, 2003
The term "Bowen" orginates from a very stinky guy that shits himself very often. To be called Bowen is to be called the foulest smelling person known to the world.
"Dude did someone empty a septic tank in here?"
"No it's just bowen over there, let's drop him in a vat of air freshner"
by The King March 23, 2005

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