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2 definitions by thatguyamilli

(n) any female who partakes in numerous sexual activities. Usually frowned upon by respectable people. Also known as a floozie, scumbag, slut, etc.

Variations include: Scaggasaurus, Scagglioni, Scagglyocean, Scaggaroo, Scaggbag, Scaggjawnt, Scaggily looking trick
- Is that girl suckin that dude's dick in the foam?
- Yea, man, what a lucky ass guy.
- Yea, and what a scagg ass bitch.

- I am trying to smack waffles with some jawnts tonight
- You want some quality or just any old scagg?
by thatguyamilli August 25, 2010
(v) having sexual intercourse.

- can also be referred to as spankin waffles, slappin waffles, etc.
- Also variations include being able to put syrup on the waffles, twisting them waffles, etc
- Only thing you can never do is "cut" the waffles
-Did he just go upstairs with that floozie?
-Yea, probably about to be smackin waffles.
- Well I hope he uses the proper utensils because i heard she has been smackin waffles with the whole football team.
by thatguyamilli April 19, 2010