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1 definition by thatchickk

Reyes is a guy who thinks

a. hes hot not true
b. a g psh yeah right
c. the coolest guy ever not really
d. thinks hes tough -just cause hes big
Will pussy out.

so hes really just cocky . . . but doesnt have a reason to be. he'll do anything to get out of a bad situation even if it means losing a friend or hurting someone in the process, he'll betray you. he'll lie&cheat. and isn't a good guy, and he will run from a fight cause he's not a real man. just Mean, a Liar, a Cheat, and a Fake Backstabber.
girl: so i heard reyes is gona get in a fight this friday..

boy: really? i heard he was gona pussy outa one. dumb cock sucker.
by thatchickk March 17, 2009