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half-leet, 1337 1/2( 1. belief of actually overcoming and surpassing and/or defeating an individual, shown in last word/ 2. declarance of victory or superiority by a third individual 3.compliment, not title given to an(a)object/ person
Person 1.: did you saw that?

person 2.: that 0wN3d

(after long sentence or insult) 0wN3d

^ same but said by third guy
by tharuz January 24, 2004
from pwn, pwnd: to rape, own, or be superior to something or someone, declarationof sagacity

pwnz0r3d; see ^above, when someone gets extremly pwnd

slur of third party when the above happens
(says something stupid)

(insults/ gives speech making you loo like idiot)

1 person:0wN3d

2 person: more like pwnz0r3d!
by tharuz January 29, 2004
in Spanish,english:maniac
definition and second usage, pervert,& hot feeling, not looks, not associated with any other form of sexuallity expet heterosexual man to woman, woman to man is "maniatica"

a thing/show is showing perverted things, comment " todo maniatico"
todo esta( is) maniatico, it feels like that when im with her

that commercial estaba todo(was) maniatico

soy (I am) un (a) maniatico( pervert with limits)
by tharuz January 24, 2004

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