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A tall incredibly charming man who has an equally beautiful soul. A fascinating person who emanates strength, joy, care and joviality where ever he goes. He is treasured by his family to the greatest degree, as he's a loyal son who upholds the family values with dignity. Belonging to an ancestry of loving noble people, they always enjoy celebrating family occasions with great delight.
Samson: What a fine gentleman he is. Such grace and strength in his presence. Rita: Sure darling young chap, Benjamin, definitely is a wonderful catch.

Uncle Samson: His fiance is a very lucky lady. She must be a nice lady too.

Rita: Yes she's is quite nice. And she loves him very much too. The wedding celebrations are going to be fantastic. Both families are great together. Its going to be grand

Samson: Definitely, look at young Benjamin, he is just the perfect chap. His family belong to a very noble and respected family, that is why their so giving and handsome. It is going to be exquisite.
by thankyouGodforhim.2609 June 02, 2010

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