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When a TV show, movie or book needlessly repeats details from earlier episodes, usually to the annoyance of fans. The term originates from the Harry Potter book series, where the rules of the wizarding sport were painstakingly explained at the beginning of nearly every book.
"We can miss the first five minutes of 24, it's just Rules of Quidditch anyway."
by thaggas December 11, 2011
When your penis is tucked into your waistband.

It originates from a notorious 1990 People Magazine photo of movie star Patrick Swayze in a bathing suit. Many people believe an errant drawstring was actually his penis peeking out his shorts.
I have a huge erection, but I was able to go Swayze and hide it.
by thaggas October 30, 2013
Outgoing mail that is left in your curbside mailbox, so you can raise the pickup flag. This saves you have having to repeatedly run to the mailbox to see if the mailman has come.
"Just leave the utility bill here. I'll use it as mailbait because I'm expecting something important today."
by thaggas November 25, 2013
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