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(ten-uh-see steem-boht)....(noun)......The act of placing an empty paper towel roll (or any cylindrical tubing) into ones rectum wile he is laying on his stomach and the second party hovers above in a squatting position releasing fecal matter (Poop) into the other end of the paper towel role. Then the second party then blows smoke into the end of the cylindrical tube giving it the imagery of a steamboat smoke stack. The perfcet Tennessee Steamboat occurs on a water bed.
You done with that paper towel role? TENNESSEE STEAMBOAT TIME!!!!!!

Why is that paper towel tube lodged in your anus?.... Dude, Tennessee Steamboat.

I have completed my final act on my bucket list! I have done the perfect Tennessee Steamboat on my roommates bed when he went home.
by tha truth 86518 January 13, 2012

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