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40 definitions by thEbX41

Abbreviation of "Fuck you sayin", which is a shortened version of the rhetorical question "What the fuck is you saying?" Similar to FOH and FYM, this is a way to tell a person that you dont give two fucks about what they're saying to you rite now.
Me: The PS3 has Metal Gear. Playstation >>>>> Xbox

You: Yeah thats true. Except I have both systems, and Xbox has Halo, so FYS!!
by TheBx41 September 21, 2012
This is like saying fuck you to someone, or like telling them that you dont fuck with them anymore (you dont associate with them).

This phrase is best said when somebody is trying to explain themselves to you for doing something foul, but you literally cut them off in the middle of it by saying this.
You went and got her a big elephant even though I WAS THE ONE who found out she loves elephants and I was gonna buy her a small one for her birthday?? Thats foul, man... YOURE CUT OFF!!!
by TheBx41 September 17, 2012
a friend or homie. Despite the way it sounds, this is not the plural form of dawg.
--Whats good, homez ??

--Nothing much, dawgz.
by TheBx41 September 20, 2012
A ghetto term which roughly translates as the English word "already". Closely related to the word "been", but said with way more emphasis to stress the fact that you've had/done/known about something for a long time now.
I binn did that, I binn went thurr, I binn had this, I binn fucked her.
by TheBx41 September 21, 2012
How you say "climax" in Engrish. This is what asian girls (especially japanese girls) do when they have an orgasm on camera.
I was actually enjoying this porno until the girl started crymaxing at the end. Ugh, she's supposed to be an 18 year old schoolgirl, not a little crybaby. And why does it hurt so much for Japanese girls to have sex if Japanese guys have the smallest... ahh never mind.
by TheBx41 August 24, 2012
When a person is doing childish shit, acting immature, or being petty. Usually used in the negative sense like the previous examples, but it can also be used when you're currently messing around for no reason and just killing time.
Quit twerping around with that Dance game already and let's get the hell out of here!
by THEBX41 October 28, 2012
Someone thats liable to wild out at any given moment. Wild and gnarly at the same time. Can also be used for something thats badass or just sick.
My boy Darryl will crack jokes on anybody on the streets. He don't give a fuck if they're black, spanish, white, old, or in kindergarten. That dude is a wily mofo.
by TheBx41 October 16, 2012