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A undefined object or event that is often used to describe random items to others in an attempt to confuse or leave them feeling uneducated in the vernacular of popular culture.
- he's got to stop running his goat piece like that
- go grab that goat piece and bring it to your mom
- I got my goat piece caught in my zipper the other day
- ain't nothing better than a goat piece on a hot summer night
- etc.
by tesahbiggs April 05, 2011
A mock urgent detail which overrides all other projects in an office setting. This report is also highly classified and spoken of only in hushed terms. It is used to extract a coworker from speaking with a Mook.
Earl: I need to talk about the TBS report right now cause I gotta get it into interoffice by 10:00.

Sheila: Thanks for gettin me outta that conversation that Goatfucker. He never stops blabing on about his cousins brother.
by tesahbiggs February 02, 2008

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