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2 definitions by terroin

1) An old-fashioned telecommunications device that makes digitally-encoded sounds to be received and interpreted through a telephone handset. The acoustic coupler had two rubber cups that fitted the "mouthpiece" and "earpiece of an old-fashioned phone "receiver".

2) A person who makes a lot of noise during sex.
"My phone won't fit the rubber cups on this acoustic coupler"

"Britney had her boyfriend round overnight and I couldn't get to sleep. She's such an acoustic coupler"
by Terroin April 06, 2014
27th December: the day that marks the end of the core Christmas season. Marked by an escalation into violence of squabbles between siblings over shared presents.

The day when you wrestle the last scraps of meat from the Christmas-dinner carcass
The real Christmas season runs from Christmas Eve Eve to Wrestling Day.

It's only Wrestling Day and Wayne has already broken the Xbox!
by terroin December 27, 2011