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The Coolest, sexiest man alive. Also, has a large penis.
"Damn, that teo went with the 9 girls to prom, and never left the parking lot."
by Teo January 19, 2005
For materialist world, the ego could provide the evolutive energy but also the destructive energy depends on how you deal with it. For spiritual world, there is no need for ego, there we are only one entity.
Some examples:
possitive ego gives you ambitious to be the best in your field
the negative ego make you to think only to yourself.
by teo November 18, 2003
sexiest guy ever kthx =D
omg! look at that hot guy named Drex over tharr!
by TeO June 04, 2004
used when you are talking about your aunt and the people she lives or hangs around with
man 1: yo dawg, who we gonna go see tonight?

man 2: ohh, we gonna go to my antonym's house
by Teo February 27, 2004

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