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drunkology for Drunken Sex.
Hey baby, let's have drex on the screwton.
by primerib dncatl.tripod.com July 21, 2003
16 10
Not quite the hood but still the wrong side of the tracks.
Ante you from thr west end, Naw I say over in Drex side
by John Doe November 14, 2003
15 12
sexiest guy ever kthx =D
omg! look at that hot guy named Drex over tharr!
by TeO June 04, 2004
21 25
It is the collection of two words: drug and sex
I can t let my girlfiend with Eric, he thinks all the time to drex.
by yaush June 11, 2008
5 10
1. A hard rock band from lawrenceville georgia. www.drexmusic.com

2. To have sexual intercourse while under the influence of beer (drunken-sex). From drunkology, language found in suburbian east Atlanta, Georgia.
yo that guy is always bangin a bitch at the parties, he's the drex king!
by primerib July 21, 2003
3 11