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3 definitions by temolate

dayum white bread, cracka mo fugga.
dayum, dat cracka ass cracka dun stoled my shizzle, nizzle.
by temolate March 17, 2005
38 31
an exclamation used by nerds and/or your mom.
woot, 1 r teh 1337z0r357 on teh intarweb!
by temolate March 17, 2005
19 52
a shotgun that fires when the head is impacted. used as protection from sharks by diving. also a dumbass' name for most rifles and shotguns.
a) "I killed that shark in the face with my boomstick"

b) "bubba like boomstick... boomstick make bubba happy in da pants"
by temolate May 15, 2005
24 104