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2 definitions by teletoxed

a terminal is when a male develops an erection which serves no purpose or which was not desired.

The terminal has no function, it is a random occurrence which usually results in frustration and a desire for it to cease.

The most likely place for a terminal to occur is in a public place where dealing with the terminal is impractical or frowned upon, thereby causing the sufferer to wait it out.
whilst sitting in class, John developed a terminal, and for the duration of the class had to wait it out.

"lou, ive got a terminal, i dont know what to do!"

"you are just going to wait it out, John!"
by teletoxed November 26, 2011
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Damnuts is similar to "damn," as an expression of anger, surprise, or frustration, but with more emphasis, it is a combination of "oh nuts!" and "oh damn!"
"Dude, do you remember when you told that girl you weren't interested?"

"Yeah, why?"

"she gave me a gamertug last night, it was epic!"

by teletoxed December 02, 2011
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