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a terminal is when a male develops an erection which serves no purpose or which was not desired.

The terminal has no function, it is a random occurrence which usually results in frustration and a desire for it to cease.

The most likely place for a terminal to occur is in a public place where dealing with the terminal is impractical or frowned upon, thereby causing the sufferer to wait it out.
whilst sitting in class, John developed a terminal, and for the duration of the class had to wait it out.

"lou, ive got a terminal, i dont know what to do!"

"you are just going to wait it out, John!"
by teletoxed November 26, 2011
Damnuts is similar to "damn," as an expression of anger, surprise, or frustration, but with more emphasis, it is a combination of "oh nuts!" and "oh damn!"
"Dude, do you remember when you told that girl you weren't interested?"

"Yeah, why?"

"she gave me a gamertug last night, it was epic!"

by teletoxed December 02, 2011

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