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Mike: Dude in WoW I got my rogue to level 60 yesterday because I'd already done it for every other class, but I didn't realise that rogues suck ass at everything. I'm gonna go farm some shards for my 'lock soon so that I can release an infernal in Goldshire and make all the n00bs there die hahaha! Then after that I'll probably go farm some rugged leathers on my hunter so I can sell them on the AH and make enough to buy an Epic mount for my Rogue so that he can get to the capture points in Arathi Basin on time. After that I'll probably go on my priest and Mind control some people into the lava at Blackrock Mountain and maybe try to get the rest of the devout set that I'm missing, and respec from Shadow to Holy so I can heal properly. But then I wont be able to use my Shadowform and do heaps of damage with Mind Flay. Then after that I might go on my Warrior and ----
Jeremy: DUDE. STFU.
by teh_reaperer September 27, 2006
Counter-Strike is the game where if you are able to kill somebody, you must be a hacker.
*Pro kills n00b with a headshot from Desert Eagle*
Pro: Just because I killed you doesn't mean that I'm a hacker... Maybe you should just learn to play Counter-Strike properly?
*Admin bans Pro*
by teh_reaperer September 29, 2006

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