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n. A cool, sexy, but slightly nerdy girl; a chick; a fangrl pl. rories

etymology note: does not derive directly from RORITA
"There were a couple of rories at the comic shop, but i didn't get a chance to talk to them."
by teh editrix March 10, 2005
pr. n. Nickname of Brett Gurewitz, b. May 12, 1964. Mr. Brett co-founded seminal punk band Bad Religion with Greg Graffin and founded Epitaph. He also loves PB&J sandwiches.
"Mr. Brett needs to lay off the PB&J before someone gets hurt."
by teh editrix August 05, 2005
proper noun: The lead singer and lyricist for SoCal punk/metal band Strung Out. Cruz is also a talented visual artist in his own right.
"If you love Jason Cruz so much, why don't you just marry him?"
"I just may!"
by teh editrix June 23, 2005

Webcomic lampooning hipster, scenester and bike CULTure among bored 20-somethings.

hip chick: "I read Hungry Hungry Hipsters because I hate those people!"
hip fella: "Be honest..."
hip chick: "I am those people..."
by teh editrix September 01, 2007
n. specifically, female gonads.

derives from gonads (the organs of sexual reproduction in both males and females).
"My girlnads are killing me! I need Midol!"
by teh editrix August 05, 2005
An internet hook-up gone horribly awry and leading to much e-drama.

The rejecting participant in said drama.

see, PLDSB
"hott_bodd69 said he'd call me, but I think this one is jables..."
by teh editrix March 10, 2005

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