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3 definitions by teenylamorena

An Afro-Puerto Rican word (or African Carribean--came from an African language at any rate), which means "an indescribable African sexiness or swing."
Coño, esa chica es tumbao...

or Calle 13 "La Jirafa"

Planta tus pies como dos raices
Con ese tumbao puede que me hechices
by teenylamorena December 03, 2007
1. To snitch or dime some out
2. To talk too much
Um, yo no se...You could say:
Don't tell her, porque ella boconea...

Some form of boconear.
by teenylamorena December 04, 2007
To have a big mouth or a loud mouth.
For men it would be un bocón.
The new section titled "La Bocona" in Latina magazine, where this woman basically gossips about different celebrities y yada yada...

Como: Esa ella tiene una bocona.
by teenylamorena December 04, 2007