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from "what the Buck" online show, the guy guest invented the word:
"Team Miley" that means "Get Action From Behind" (anal sex) in relation of the Last Miley cyrus concert when she made an Inappropriate Dance with a member of her team group in front of young children.
Guy 1: hey charlene had a lot of TEAM MILEY last night in the party.

Guy 2: WTF! she likes from behind?
by technoborg October 03, 2009
the best p2p software nowaday, its a mix between emule and bitcomet, and let you find the best material on the net (music, movies ,apps, games).
dude 1: dude i´m downloading the entire album collection from the beatles.

dude 2: where p2p are you using? emule?

dude 1: fuck emule, i´m using Lphant is better than that crap.
by technoborg September 14, 2008

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