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Typical female radio employee who works at Metro Networks who thinks her shit don't stink. She thinks that because her voice is on TV in the morning, she's the bomb.
I can't stand that Kristen Kelly, she stumbles on her traffic reports and is such broadcaster slut.
by techno935 August 14, 2008
A time when all syndicated shows usually begin or get underway. Also defined as the time for a smoke break. Shows usually don't break until around 15 after the hour or so.
O'Reilly factor begins at 06:40 (oh six forty)
Jim Rome begins at :06
Jerry Doyle show begins at :06
by techno935 January 26, 2007
Multiple logs of poop that comes out green and stinky.
Man, after that Taco Bell, I just shot a load of greenstinks in the toilet.
by techno935 August 12, 2009

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