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Huge Tittays of awesome chicks.
Me: Hey baby, you got huge bazookas

Chick: *slap*
by Techno December 13, 2004
my favourite techno/ambient producers

orbital rule, my favourite song is either the girl with the sun in her head or spare parts express
download some orbital songs and discover pure electronic delight!
by techno May 30, 2004
An overly-polite sort of girl that uses phrases like "Tee-hee" and "'Scuse me!" all the time. Used to describe a person that acts like a goody-two-shoes.

Originated from the initals for "Samantha Marie Barnes", who is a girl that acts this way. The infamous "SMB Poem" catalogues her trials and tribulations.
My name is little SMB
My favourite saying is "scuse me"
I love Georgene and Lady Barnes
Even if M Jamba has big man arms

Mrs. Hunter spanks me in gym class
And Mrs. Olscheski loves my ass
I haven't done my homework,
Not for a while
That's why Mrs. Ullman has
Georgene on speed dial!

Thank you and 'scuse me. Tee hee!
by Techno April 12, 2005
A word commonly used by British skaters and BMX riders, pertaining to the many scars/scabs/fresh wounds on their shins, skaters due to missing tricks and hitting their board / concrete pole they were failing to grind, and BMXers due to either the above, or having the foot slip off the pedal (usually metal studded) and long scrapes taken out of the shin.
skater: word, you seen these shindigs?
*lifts up trouser to show small scar*

*BMX lifts up trouser to show leg bones with no flesh left*
by techno April 01, 2005
For Inspiration and Recinition of Science and Technology

a high school robotics competition founded in 1989 and had its first competition in 1992 with 26 and now has close to 1000 teams
hey are u in FIRST
by techno April 30, 2004
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