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Started life in 1919 as a provincial association football club in a city dominated by rugby league. In the early 60's through to mid 70's transformed into a European powerhouse by the man who should have been knighted Don Revie.
Leeds United will always be around because Leeds United will always be well supported. Now 'early 2005' a 2nd division (Championship) outfit and Leeds United can still proudly boast one of the best away supports in the entire UK. Furthermore Leeds United will always be around because the footballing media of England will always need someone to hate.
by teach February 19, 2005
Crap troll.
Zynex = Crap troll.
by teach April 05, 2004
have a small amount of money
"you wanna go to the club?"
"no, i'm light in the hip."
by Teach July 06, 2003
A small inflatable boyunciaide
Laura could not swim without her schamo!
by Teach October 27, 2004
Teacher Expectations and Student Achievement. A model followed by teachers to allow all students to perform and learn best in the classroom.
There are fifteen pieces to the TESA model that teachers must incorporate into each lesson they teach.
by Teach April 16, 2005

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