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the amount of information needed about a topic in order to be able to bullshit a conversation or answer a question about it about it and have everyone think you actually know what you're talking about
Guy A: How did you talk to Alexandra last night about Harry Potter? I didn't think you read those books?
Guy B: I didn't, but I saw some of the movies and remember hearing my friends talking about the series that I had enough info to get past the bullshit threshold and make some jokes about the series to her.

Student A: You don't own the book for the class, how did you know about Edmund Randolph?
Students B: Guess I read enough of the Constututional Convention wikipedia article that I reached the bullshit threshold about it.
by td0109 October 10, 2011
When a girl attributes traits to a shitty guy that she likes in order to make him seem like a good person when describing him to others. She doesn't look for such traits in a man, but loves to proclaim them as criteria for guys she already likes in order to seem like she's not with the guy just for sex or out of desperation.
Any given girl: Your man looks like he has no personality and will probably abuse you.
Any other given girl: But he's so (nice, in touch with his feminine side, unlike other guys, ok with just hanging out, great with my parents, spontaneous, hard-working, hilarious)!

Guy 1: Did you see Beth last night? She was with Stan
Guy 2: But Stan's a douche!
Guy 1: Yea, I know, but she was making him seem so great and giving him traits he doesn't have in order to convince herself and everyone else that she's with someone actually good
Guy 2: Damn, sounds like she's in "but he's so" mode. Stay away from her, I guess she's a psychobitch after all.
by td0109 June 22, 2011

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