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139 definitions by taylor

Scary Movie 2 term for vagina.
"...the penises and the gineys"

i have a giney for the thecth.
by taylor March 20, 2003
Fear of the actor Tony Danza.
I went to the psychiatrist about tonydanzaphobia
by Taylor March 05, 2005
Caboose from Red Vs. Blue. go to www.redvsblue.com
After Caboose shot Church(a teammate), Tucker called him a team killing fucktard
by Taylor March 05, 2005
someone who is gay and resembles that of a prehistoric flying lizard, and or has a long face(and is gay)
paul was being such a fagadactyl so i gave him the poobic punch
by taylor April 23, 2005
A caucasian who is acting like an african american... a.k.a. a wafrican american
Yo man, what is up with you and that wafrican american?
by Taylor March 10, 2005
Whatever, to dis somebody.
"Can I have some skittles?" Gurl Bye
"Can I have a kiss?" Boi Bye
by Taylor November 24, 2003
That looks nasty; or that persons face is nasty.
"Hey, Kevin wanna talk 2 you", Oooh Nooo
by Taylor November 24, 2003