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A population which is always the majority. Nothing special, not famous, not rich, not wealthy, not powerful, not a big shot, not a celebrity, not the president, never the leader but always a follower. Just a person that would believe anything they're told and accept the shittier jobs so the government can stay well above and beyond while your just a regular nothing worthless nobody piece of shit.
Most people (at least 99 percent of the population). People no one ever heard of or will ever hear of. Not a celebrity or anywhere near the center of attention, but someone who could barely get on the news if they shot themselves in the head in the middle of Times Square as a suicide just for recognition that he's worth anything at all. my father David is a regular nobody because no one knows him and no one gives a fuck about him or anything about him.
by tatomuck2 September 16, 2008
an item that's pretty much only useful to be able to buy cigarettes and alcohol.

I go to the store. I go to the cashier and say, let me get two Newports. The cashier says you have "ID". I say the excuse i left it at home. The cashier automatically wont sell it to me all because of the stupid smoking and drinking age laws.
by tatomuck2 August 30, 2008
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