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Commonly a shitty haircut, usually found on fags, queers, or mostly, Justin Beiber.
The Beiber Bowl is a hairstyle that will make you from being just-out to just-in!
by TashaToxic1 February 01, 2011
JKLYMDLN is the acronym for "Just Kidding Like Your Mom Did Last Night".
by TashaToxic1 January 16, 2011
Someone who is a complete slob. Similar to whooper snapper.
"You better clean your room, you little clinch pooper!"
by tashatoxic1 May 05, 2011
A slap alongside the head, mostly used upon clinch poopers.
He said something about firetrucks when we were talking about my sister having cancer so I gave him a good wisterpooper.
by tashatoxic1 May 05, 2011

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