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Contrary to popular belief, the most interesting year group to ever pass the distinguished halls of Tara is none other than Year 11 of 2009.

(Note the use of the word 'interesting' as opposed to 'best'.)

To effortlessly fit in to the social uprising that is the class of 2010, there are certain requirements that one must honour.

1. Tandoori encrusted skin (streak marks optional)
2. A distinctive hair colour 'that a baby could have been born with'
3. The 'two-button rule'
4. The 'Tara scrunch' and the manual hemming of the sack-like uniform to crotch-level
5. Obnoxiousness, however applicants with a superiority complex will be given top priority
6. The ability to count to 3(rd base)
7. Dexterity with a long-bladed knife (for backstabbing and branding)
8. A general dislike towards specific years, in particular Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12.

The cliques are clearly defined, even in the primitive social sludge-pit of Tara Anglican School for Girls.
Girl: You get a chocolate if its your birthday at Tara Anglican School for Girls.
Year 11 Girl: That's pathetic.
by taratart February 17, 2009
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