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4 definitions by tampontoddli

Severe hallucinations of bamboo and monkeys while in the state of being sober.
Sorry i didnt come over last night, i was too bamboozled to think.
by tampontoddli February 17, 2009
The words you scream in bed in place of the other man/woman you are thinking about.
Buffalo Bill!
by tampontoddli February 14, 2009
The name you scream when you want to make-out with a special someone and they feel the same way but you dont want anyone else to know what you mean.
When in a public place, most likely your high school, you want to Billie Jean with your lover so you shout the name instead of actually doing it.
by tampontoddli February 17, 2009
A term used to describe slutty clog dancing.
Can you please stop flogging, its making the neighbors stare.
by tampontoddli February 04, 2009