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When two or more people coerce an especially dirty, stinky, hairy hobo (male or female) into having sex in which the hobo is vomited and shit on (particularly the face and genital areas) by persons who consume nothing but greasy, spicy food and then continue to fuck every orifice possible. The spicy food creates burning sensations in sensitive areas. Additionally, the hobo will eat the bodily ejections because they have no other food source.
"Was thinking about finding hobo Steve to give him a greasy wombat for his birthday. You wanna come with?"
"A what?"
"You don't even want to know..."
by tahonbass September 05, 2009
When you have reverse cowgirl anal sex with a girl who has nasty, gross beer shits from the night previous. While having said reverse cowgirl anal sex, the girl jumps off your dick, shits on your chest, and slides on the fecal matter right back onto your dick.
"Dude, I hooked up with this really hot chick at the party last night and we had some morning after sex but she totally gave me the Dublin Mudslide. I cried... for hours."
by tahonbass September 05, 2009

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