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15 definitions by tactrash

Mythical tales told by African American males to insight fear within the white community. Much of the content of the tales is based on actual black sterotypes, thus making some of them seem legitimate. Caucasians with extensive experience dealing with urban people are usually less easily fooled.
When Tyrik told me that he used to beat random white people as a youth, I chalked his nonsense up as silly Black Propaganda.
by tactrash April 27, 2008
A long, thick cock that causes discomfort several days after penetration. Most women who are not used to such girth, usually experience an initial sensation not unlike that which they felt at the time of their virginity loss. Although discomfort is experienced, most women crave for more.
Sally wished she hadn't gotten so drunk on Friday night because she couldn't remember the name of the guy who split her with his vulvanator.
by tactrash May 13, 2008
A large supper, usually consumed by a group of friends prior to a big night out on the town. Much like the last supper, the meal is symbolic in it's unity of friendship via alcholic beverages and wings.
I knew we were going to have a super night last Friday when Chuck demanded we have a full meal at Chickie's
by tactrash April 30, 2008
When a man has low self-esteem and latches on to the first piece of scuz that looks in his direction at a bar. This illness usually results in the dismay of subject's friends as well as an over-inflated sense of accomplishment
Look at the pig Joe is talking to. My god, his vaginal complacency is at it's all time worst.
by tactrash April 23, 2008
A makeshift lubricant used for anul sex with a woman. The ingredients include dried up period blood, vaginal musus, spit, and fecal matter. Ideally this mixture is possible when having bareback vaginal intercourse with a woman during her menstrual cycle.
Sven didn't think he'd get his cock in Gina's ass but then he remembered he learned about rustolube in the boy scouts.
by tactrash May 14, 2008
When a group of male friends block out the advances of random whores at a bar or club. The act shows no interest in said whores, thus generating further interst from whores and a sense of entitlement and insecurity. The end result is male companions using whores for sex with false promises of future contact via phone/email.
Jon and Bob immediately threw up a cunt wall at The Plough In The Stars knowing full well they'd get what they wanted by the end of the night.
by tactrash April 23, 2008
A method used for increasing the rank of a random whore met at a bar or club. The curve is similar to that used by a college professor when his students all performed poorly on a test.
Stewart knew the girl he met at Reale's was only a 5 but using his ass curve, he bumped her up to a 6.5.
by tactrash June 19, 2008