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The best god dam motherfucking kick ass boob jiggling, unbelievably fucking funny movie staring Will Ferrel and John C. Riley. These 2 fuckheads are the best pair of comedians to put into a fucking movie. I almost pissed myself watching this fucking hilarious shit. If they made a squeal, every fucking smart person from Toledo, Ohio, HSAT in the downtown would go see this fucking amazing funny ass shit.
Step Brothers

Will: John you awake?
John: Yea
Will: Ima punch you right in the fucking face
by TacoMann May 26, 2009
A city dying faster then a bullet can move. Toledo has been run to the ground by its 2 wonderful mayors (Finkfaggot and Jack Ford). This city has been rated one of the worst cities to live in America on many different lists. Its a giant fucking shithole.

I live here. Run
Get the fuck out of Toledo
by TacoMann July 05, 2009
A big ass black crunchy motherfucker who has done such raps as "hood nigga" and "so fly".

Im pretty sure he has diabetes.
Big ass motherfucker = gorilla zoe
by TacoMann July 05, 2009
A mystical planet that is apparently supposed to crash into earth on December 21st, 2012. Although there is no proof, people are still scared shitless because of this.
Brasil: NUU men plis attack europe!
Mexico: Si?
by TacoMann May 25, 2009
A beast.
Is that Antoinette? Ya she's a beast.
by TacoMann February 08, 2010
An escape from CNN, MSNBC and those really big bitch's on Good Morning America.
Comedy Central is Heaven
by TacoMann July 05, 2009
A lame superhero from the Ratcher and Clank series. Wears green spandex with a lightning bolt on his chest and had sex with a monkey in one of the games in the series. He loses his reputation and somehow gains it back over and over during this whole series. He got angry at Ratchet and is quoted saying "He is definitely off my top 5" referring to myspace.

Qwark can be related to The Green Lantern or Aquaman, stating that he can barley do shit and should not be considered a superhero.
Captain Qwark: I am Captain Qwark, the greatest superhero of the galaxy.

Ratchet: Yeah Yeah.

Rachet 5 seconds later: *Shoots*
by TacoMann May 26, 2009

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