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A SkinnyWhiteBitch is a female usually of the Caucasian variety who considers themselves more special or elite than the general populace of females due to her anorexic figure and skin tone. She is considered to be a bitch because she is mean and nasty towards every other non-skinny white bitch, or person she feels that she cannot can't get something of value from, she meets. Many white and black males who exclusively prefer white women to women of other races perpetuate the ego and therefore the prevalence of skinny white bitches all over the world. The skinny white bitch lives in a nexus created of her own ego and those stupid enough to stroke it for her.
Many thin white autonomous women exist who are not skinny white bitches, but for those who have earned the epitaph so shall she be dubbed.
Little SkinnyWhiteBitch tried to eyeball me at the store today! As if she's look any better in these jeans!
by tablesaltisnotveryexpensive May 10, 2011

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