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4 definitions by t0nydehtigeh

The sound heard when a man's ball sack smacks against a girl's pussy or taint area while he fucks her in the anus. The harder the penetration the louder the clapck. As well as the looser his testicles are, the better the sound effect.
Girl: I love the clapck when your testicles smack my twat.
by t0nydehtigeh October 10, 2010
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Also, Facebook'd, Facebooked for short.

When you get an outstanding kill, or completely embarrass you're opponent. By using the phrase, you are saying that you are going to go to theater mode after the match ends to upload the the clip to Facebook.

It's always best to taunt your opponent, and threaten them that all of Facebook will be able to see them get owned.

Applies to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 players. Due to the new feature that allows players to upload clips from MW3 to Facebook, the phrase was created by AP.
Headshot! +150

t Knickerbocker: "Wow kid, you just got facebook'd"
NoobWhoDied: "lol wat is guns"

Triple Kill! +250

Whole Team: "Wow those noobs just got Facebooked!"
by t0nydehtigeh November 16, 2011
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People who do what they want, when they want, wherever they want, to have fun and show they don't give a fuck. Crazy Mother Fuckers.
Amanda: "You're trying way to hard to win, chill out"
Savino: "Shut the fuck up cunt, I'm wreckless"
by t0nydehtigeh November 26, 2010
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A girl who was born in Jersey obviously, although, a girl moving to Jersey could easily become one. They can be sweet and loving, and some of them are even stunning, but they are straight trash.

-Many common acts of a Jersey Girl include: dressing like trash, sweats, no shoes, sometimes even no bra or underwear; when a guy doesn't want to be bothered for one of many reasons (such as mad, tired, etc) and the girl tries to talk to him and he tells her to leave him alone, she will start to cry and/or look for a way to get attention; yelling or making fun of someone as they are walking by, have walked by, or are too far away to retaliate; can make fun of and/or talk about you but when you do so they cry or give you the silent treatment.

-Jersey Girls often try to act tough and develop an attitude, in which at this point it is appropriate for the guy to shout or possibly smack this bitch.

Not all, but a lot of these types of girl wish, talk about, or want to go to New York. When they get the chance to go, they often make a big deal of it by either: taking tons of pictures of what they see (cabs, buildings, etc); letting everyone in the fucking world know they are going to/in New York; finally decide to wear good clothes when going.

-Oh and by the way, a song with 'New York' in the title or lyrics is strictly for the state of New York and it's fellow New Yorkers and should not be blasted by fucking ugly, trashy, cunty girls AND guys from Jersey.
Girl: Anthony, what's wrong baby?
Anthony: Leave me alone.
Girl: Anthony! Please, tell me!
Anthony: ...
*Girl nudges him*
Girl: Talk to me, please!
Anthony: Shut the fuck up!
*Girl starts crying, friends come over and comfort her*

Jersey Girl: You're nose is big, haha.
Guy: Haha... k..
Jersey Girl: That cologne smells like bad breath.
Guy: Well you always smell like fucking giraffe shit.
Jersey Girl: Don't talk to me.

*Jersey Girl ignores everyone*
by t0nydehtigeh January 09, 2010
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