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1. A preference or an inclination, especially one that inhibits impartial judgment.
2. An unfair act or policy stemming from prejudice.
my teacher failed my paper cuz shes biased against my opinions on affirmative action
by t-radical squared May 14, 2005
let me sum it up for you
you get on the online feature which is all people play
you get shot every round in the face by some douche bag in ireland
and have to suffer through the sound of eight year olds wispering the word fuck
so there momys dont hear them and wipe there asses
i played counter strike and then hung myself
by t-radical squared May 11, 2005
brand new is an amazing indie like band

the morrisey/the smiths looooove child
'so to speak' jesse lacey
is an amazing lead singer/ songwriter i personally have drawn inspiration to become a lead singer from him
and thats were my band started
im giving my highest recomendations to this band
pick up the cd 'your favorite weapon' first though because well it will start things out
then get 'deja entendu' its more experimental/ amazing
brand new>living
brand new>breathing
brand new>trashy punkpop crap
brand new>saltine crackers?
by t-radical squared May 11, 2005
1)someone who does nothing other than makes up words or makes up new defenitions for urban dictionary
2)someone who secretly gets money for intercourse through urban dictionary
1)man Jose is a totaly urban dictionary whore all he does is make shit up

2)i just made that up its not true urban dictionary dont beat me up
by t-radical squared May 11, 2005
a gigantic crap
and when using it admiting that your crap is leaving the economical damage that only a warhead could leave and or stinking up someones house
ive got to go disarm a duke-u-lar warhead
and its gunna hurt
by t-radical squared May 11, 2005
something to say to sound really cool in front of your buds
dude 1: man that movie was HARDCORE
dude 2: shut up, we just got out of sweet home alabama
dude 1: well ummmm your shoes are HARDCORE
dude 2: dont be an ass kisser
by t-radical squared May 11, 2005
i call a juice bag
a condom
eeeew gross
a wet juice bag right here on the side of the road
oh no the rabbits choking it
dude give that rabbit the heimlick
now way
you give it the heimlick
by t-radical squared May 11, 2005

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