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n: pronounced Shew-gz, Shugs,

1. A sort of battle cry that means the immediate death or suffering of a person.

2. Term used as filler, often unnecessarily placed at the end of a sentence

"Shoogs!" - Followed by immediate double kill

"Yeah so basically she dumped me and shoogs."
"Shoogs!" (Followed by an immediate double kill)

"So she lied to me and shoogs."

"'My cellphone just died'
'oh shoogs'"
#shugs #shoog #damn #fuck #drat
by szyg May 20, 2008
noun, adjective

A common chant and or saying that implies to promise of absolute focus, determination, and success.

Although the result of chanting this word usually results in total failure.
1. "Now it's time for some serious business"

2. "He's really serious business about having 10 babies right now"

#serious #business #professional #intense #focus
by szyg May 20, 2008
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