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Term used for the attachment of the nucleophile in an SN2 reaction to kick off the leaving group. In slang, it means to fail a test or have a lot of difficulty on a test, especially an organic chemistry test.
That orgo test just back-side attacked me, SN2 style.
by synchrohobbit November 19, 2006
1. Female masturbation, due to the resemblance of the female genitalia to pecans and to the sweetness of the pie.

2. Two females having sex

3. A female getting a hand job/being eaten out
1. After Bill left me, I've been making pecan pies.

2. Did you hear that those two hotties made pecan pie last night?

3. Joel made me the best pecan pie ever last night.
by synchrohobbit November 19, 2006
1. To verbally take someone down
2. To beat someone up
1. I got so pissed off at what a bitch Samantha was being that I totally waked one over on her ass.

2. Joe is going to wake one over on Bobby so bad he won't be able to walk for days.
by synchrohobbit February 28, 2006
1. To have sex, especially in a non-chalant way

2. To frequently have sex when you know you won't be getting any for a while

1. I totally banked some last night witih that bitty down the hall.

2. Josh is flying in from Florida for the weekend, so we have to seriously bank some.
by synchrohobbit November 19, 2006
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